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"My husband and I had the pleasure of being trained by Ashley for over 5 years and in that time she helped change our bodies drastically and increase stamina and strength. Ashley is dedicated, a true motivator and is extremely knowledgable about the body. Everyone has personal goals and Ashley helped us exceed them in every way. Her workouts are meaningful, engaging, and she gives excellent direction and focus. Additionally, she was quick with healthy meal plans, ideas for overall wellness and self care. I wholeheartedly support Ashley in this endeavor and encourage all to reap the benefits of her expertise."

 — Claudine and David Britz


"DAPA’s customized workout and nutritional program has worked out great for me.  I am 55 years old.  I started the program DAPA set up for me the Monday after Thanksgiving 2015.  I had reached an all-time high in weight at 204 lbs.   I needed to get back in shape!  I enrolled in DAPA’s virtual program and am extremely pleased with the results.  DAPA provided me with a very detailed workout routine to follow as well as a nutritional diet.  I have worked with other trainers in the past, both on an individual basis as well as in a small group.  This program works much better for me because it is customized specifically for me, including nutritional guidance, and I can follow my own workout schedule. The flexibility of working out on my own schedule works perfectly for me.  I normally go to the gym at 5:30 in the morning.  This is a very popular time and most of the trainers at the gym already have clients at that time.  I love not being tied down to working out when the trainer is available……and the DAPA program is much less expensive than hiring a personal trainer at the gym.  The first couple of weeks were tough, but I stuck with it.  I committed myself to accomplishing my goals with the help of Tim and Ashley at DAPA.  It is much easier to go to the gym to workout when you know exactly what you are going to do when you get there, and that the exercises you are doing while you are there will actually help you achieve your goals.  I am proud to say that in 2 months I have lost 17 pounds and I am physically much stronger.  Once I started seeing results it became easy to stay motivated….and I started seeing results in the first week.  I look forward to continuing my workout program with DAPA and would highly recommend their virtual customized workout program to anybody that is interested in improving their physical fitness.  Thanks Tim & Ashley!"


- Robert S.



I have trained at the Fischer Institute for over 7 years and have had the pleasure of working with Ashley this year. She is an extremely knowledgeable physical therapist who cares about the success of each of her patients. She has the ability to customize functional rehab programs for each individual to prepare them to perform at a high level. She addresses the kinetic chain as a whole for improved function and not only the site of injury and pain. Ashley helped me get back on the field feeling healthy and stronger than ever! Anyone would be lucky to work with her.

- Ike Davis (MLB baseball)


"As a relatively active woman that had gotten off track in prioritizing my fitness and nutrition, I turned to Ashley to help me refocus my efforts. I am not a "gym rat" per se, so I wanted to focus on integrating all of the activities / sports (golf, cycling, running, playing with my kids, etc.) that I do out of enjoyment into my workout routines.  I also gave direction as to the time commitment I could make to the my workout efforts.  Ashley developed workout routines that not only give direction as to how to maximize your current activities, but also routines that work multiple muscle groups with each exercise / repetition.  For instance, to work on arm strength, I am doing bicep curls but have integrated doing them while doing wall squats to work legs at the same time.  Ashley created weekly routines that alternated cardio, strength and flexibility routines base don my guidelines, and within each routine gave specific instructions as well as video / diagrams to make sure my form was correct.  When I did have some discomfort during a certain exercise, she would provide modifications as well as stretches to keep muscle groups working together properly.  I wanted flexibility to be part of my workouts, so she created routines that allow for me to spend one day working on that aspect of fitness.  She also provided counseling as to the timing of when to eat so as to maximize my energy during workouts, how to stay hydrated and what types of food work better before / after a cardio vs. strength workout for energy and recovery.  I felt I was educated as to how to prepare my daily routines now and I still consult with Ashley periodically as my needs change.  I would recommend her services for anyone wanting to improve their fitness, create more strength, and learn how to better maximize their body's energy!"


- Nadine M. Age 48


As a parent of athletes, I'm always looking for opportunities to help my kids gain an advantage. This summer we found Tim Church and DAPA. It was the highlight of their summer, and the results were amazing in a very short time. My boys told me that they felt as though their athleticism went through the roof. They said "we know better how to move" (which meant- increased speed), they said "we are way stronger", and most importantly, their confidene is sky high. I strongly recommend Tim and the DAPA program to anyone looking to take their performance to the next level!

-D. Smith


Thanks for the great time I had at DAPA. I am looking forward to joining again at the end of June.

My experience at DAPA was a huge eye opener to what my body is capable of and didn't even know. My flexibility, jumping, speed, strength, coordination and endurance was all tested andimproved! The fact that I could see my growth throughout the program on paper and physically was very cool because I could see in numbers; times to beat and goals to make for the future.

Each day I was put to work, doing drills, pulling weights, and doing exercises I would have never imagined and at the same time I had lots of fun. These work outs really pushed me to my limits and made me more confident of what I could accomplish. While coaches Tim and Ashley helped me improve my each and every move, making me quicker and more
precise. After the program, I left knowing that I would be stronger stepping up to the plate or quicker to steel second base. I also left feeling more confident of what I am truly capable of.

Thank you coaches Tim and Ashley for giving me your undivided attention and committing to making sure I grew as an athlete.

- Diego Vigil

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